The Dobbs Decision: A Statement from ASRM

The words, “Roe is overturned,” while expected, is nevertheless jarring. This decision removes an essential civil liberty that Americans have relied upon for nearly 50 years, one that is well-grounded in the history and best traditions of our country.

Dobbs Decision Townhall for ASRM Members

The ASRM Center for Policy and Leadership is working with our lawyers on a fuller analysis of the so-called trigger laws. While you will need to consider working with an attorney in your state, our preliminary research leads us to believe no change in ART practices is necessary at this time.

Submit Your Late-Breaking Abstract Until July 13th!

Do you have high-impact results of a research study after the initial deadline passed for submitting an abstract for the ASRM 2022 Scientific Congress? The ASRM 2022 Program Committee invites you to submit a late-breaking abstract for consideration for a special “Late-breaking Abstract” session at our ASRM 2022 Scientific Congress this October 22-26, in Anaheim, California.

ASRM Launches Patient Advocacy Grant Program

ASRM is pleased to announce the launch of the new Patient Advocacy Grant Program. This new initiative was developed to award funds to patient advocacy organizations to support advocacy efforts and educational programs and communities impacted by reproductive health issues.

ASRM Releases Infographics on How You Can Help Protect IVF

Protecting IVF and access to reproductive care is an issue that affects all ASRM members. In an effort to help our members take control of the conversation online and help educate their patients, ASRM has created infographics outlining the top 5 steps you can take to protect IVF amid the changing legislative landscape.
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Dobbs Decision