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Fertility and Sterility On Air - TOC: April 2023

Take a sneak peek at this month's Fertility and Sterility! Topics this month include in vitro egg maturation (2:29), malpractice litigation in IVF (4:35), outcomes following surgical sperm extraction (13:39), progesterone supplementation in natural cycle frozen embryo transfer (22:26), breastfeeding and adenomyosis risk (36:41), neighborhood disadvantage and ovarian reserve (44:38), developmental competence of eggs after delayed maturation in vitro (52:49), and a letter to the editor about ovarian follicle size and IVF outcomes (58:34).

Fertility and Sterility On Air - Unplugged: March 2023

In this month's Fertility & Sterility: Unplugged, we take a look at articles from each of F&S's sister journals! Topics this month include: viability of post-mortem testicular sperm extraction (1:04), the impact of sleep deprivation on sperm quality in mice (8:57), and a review of adenomyosis and endometrial receptivity (17:05).

ASRM Today: Social Work and Reproductive Medicine with Melanie Mikkelsen

Tune in for an insightful discussion on the crucial role social work plays in reproductive medicine. Melanie Mikkelsen, MSW, LICSW, explores the vital role social workers play in reproductive medicine, offering valuable insights for healthcare providers and patients. Join us for an informative, engaging, and thought-provoking episode of ASRM Today. Tune in now!

Fertility and Sterility On Air - TOC: March 2023

Take a sneak peak at this month's Fertility & Sterility! Topics this month include a discussion on racial and ethnic disparities in ART (1:04), Covid-19 vaccination and mestrual cycle changes (1:32), opiod use and risk of opiod abuse in male reproductive surgery patients (8:14), male HPV infection and risk of idiopathic recurrent pregnancy loss (16:44),uterine niche and adverse IVF/ICSI outcomes (23:43), association between AMH and ploidy (31:04) and fertility preservation technique for young women with breast cancer (40:18).

ASRM Today: ASRM Nutrition and Environmental Health Special Interest Group with Dr. Audrey Gaskins

In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Audrey Gaskins, the chair of the ASRM Nutrition and Environmental Health Special Interest Group, to discuss why nutrition and environment are critical considerations for reproductive medicine specialists. Dr. Gaskins shares valuable insights into the impact of diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors on fertility and reproductive health. She also highlights important topics in nutrition and environment that patients need to know in 2023. If you're attending the 2023 Annual Conference in New Orleans, be sure to check out the events hosted by the ASRM Nutrition and Environmental Health Special Interest Group. Tune in now to learn more about the critical role of nutrition and environment in reproductive medicine.

ASRM Today: ASRM Updates March 2023

Stay up-to-date in March 2023 with our latest podcast episode! Discover the upcoming deadlines for abstract submissions and the KY Cha Memorial Award, as well as the resources available through the ASRM Career Center. Tune in for all the details from ASRM!
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