Press Releases and Bulletins

NICHD Announces Opportunities to Engage and Learn

NICHD launched its STrategies to enRich Inclusion and achieVe Equity (STRIVE) Initiative to improve equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in all aspects of its research and workforce. STRIVE, which complements NIH UNITE, focuses on taking action to improve EDI within NICHD and the scientific community, and expand health disparities research to develop solutions that mitigate inequities.

ASRM Working to Ensure Patients, Not Politicians, Are in Charge of Their Reproductive Health

On September 1, after a refusal by the United States Supreme Court to intervene, the Texas "Heartbeat Bill"—an effective statewide ban of abortion—went into effect. The law, which endangers the health and well-being of countless people by banning abortions at just six weeks and deputizing private citizens to enforce the ban, has been met with international outcry and faces ongoing Constitutional scrutiny.

Fertility and Sterility August 2021 Issue Focuses on Black Patients’ and Black Physicians’ Experiences with Reproductive Medicine

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s (ASRM) flagship journal, Fertility and Sterility leads off its August 2021 issue on the reproductive health experiences of Black patients and Black physicians. Systemic racism has had an impact, and ripple effect, on patients seeking infertility treatments, as well as reproductive health trainees and professionals.

Congress Renews Pledge to Achieve #IVF4All

Senator Cory Booker and Congresswoman and House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro have re-introduced the Access to Infertility Care and Treatment Act, which requires certain insurers to provide coverage for infertility treatment, including fertility preservation services.

New Study Reveals Covid Vaccine Does Not Cause Female Sterility

Reports claiming that COVID-19 vaccines or illness cause female sterility are unfounded. In a recent study published in ASRM’s Fertility & Sterility F&S Reports, Randy Morris, M.D. used frozen embryo transfer as a model for comparing the implantation rates between SARS-CoV-2 vaccine seropositive, infection seropositive, and seronegative women. His study concluded that there was no difference found in serum hCG documented implantation rates or sustained implantation rates among the three groups.

ASRM Congratulates Chief Education and Science Officer and Former CEO on their Excellence in Business Recognition

“Given our long-time operational presence in Birmingham, it is quite an honor to have our Chief Education and Science Officer, Chevis Shannon, Dr.PH and our former Chief Executive Officer, Ricardo Azziz, M.D. recognized by the University of Alabama at Birmingham as business leaders. We wish them well during the virtual ceremony this evening.
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