Rhode Island

The Rhode Island law requires insurers and HMO's,  issued, delivered or renewed in state, that cover pregnancy services to cover the cost of medically necessary expenses of diagnosis and treatment of infertility for women between the ages of 25 and 42 and for standard fertility preservation services when a medically necessary medical treatment may directly or indirectly cause iatrogenic infertility in a covered person. The law defines infertility as "the condition of an otherwise healthy married individual who is unable to conceive or produce conception during a period of one year." Standard fertility preservation services are “procedures consistent with established medical practices and professional guidelines published by [ASRM], [ASCO], or other reputable professional medical organizations. The patient's co-payment cannot exceed 20 percent. (Rhode Island General Laws § 27-18-30, 27-19-23, 27-20-20 and 27-41-33)
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