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What is SART and why should you start with SART when choosing a fertility clinic? SART or the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology is a non-profit association that provides oversight for ART clinics. So that patients like you can be assured that you're getting the highest quality of care.

What do we mean by Start with SART? We mean that the very first thing that you should look for when choosing a fertility clinic is that the clinic is a current SART member. Here's why:

SART member clinics must conform to industry practice and ethics standards which are developed and adopted by SART and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Committing to these standards means that you will be treated fairly and that the methods of your treatment are shaped by widely accepted research. SART clinic leaders are required to maintain an ASRM membership so that they stay up-to-date on the latest practice and ethics guidelines. Being a SART member also requires that a clinic's lab is accredited by a regulating agency to ensure that the lab facilities are complying with all federal standards and regulations.

Embryos are precious and you want to be sure that they're being handled and stored safely. SART also monitors its member clinics to ensure that they are providing the highest quality of care. SART member clinics are directed by board-certified reproductive endocrinologists who have specialized training in the field of infertility. SART makes sure that clinics are accurately reporting outcomes and makes that data available on so that you can make an informed choice on where to seek care. Speaking of decisions and informed data, SART monitors its member clinics' marketing to make sure that they are using honest and transparent advertising methods. You're making an important investment and you should be able to trust that a clinic's success claims are reliable.

There are so many important decisions to make on your family building or fertility preservation journey but when choosing a fertility clinic the first step is a no-brainer. Check to see that the clinic is a member of SART to ensure that you're on the road to the highest standards of care and the family you've always dreamed of.
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