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The future of reproductive and fertility care is at a pivotal point in 2024. The Alabama Supreme Court’s LePage decision in February, ruling that in vitro fertilized eggs are the legal equivalent of children, shone a spotlight on the risk of political interference in our right to build families.  

This Fall, as many as 10 states, including Florida, Nevada, Arizona, and Missouri, will have reproductive rights ballot measures before the voters. ASRM intends to address these important measures in 2024 by: 

  • Buying advertising spots in key states 
  • Hiring state lobbyists 
  • Issuing Action Alerts so you can send the right messages to your state representatives 
Now that so many Americans are newly focused on protecting IVF, we need to act quickly to add ASRM's expertise and patient voices to the national discourse.  

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2024 Advocacy Activities 

The Advocacy in Action 2024 fundraising campaign will give us resources to focus on the states this Fall. 

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ASRM Responds to Senate Vote on IVF Bill

ASRM is disappointed that a filibuster prevented the passage of the Right to IVF Act.

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ASRM Calls for Passage of Family Building Bill

It would increase access to IVF treatments for all Americans, including active-duty service members, veterans, and federal employees.

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ASRM publishes IVF one-pagers for media use

The documents lay out the clinical IVF process, summarize oversight of IVF in the U.S., and explain how lawmakers can support access to IVF. 

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Leave Your Mark! NIAW April 21-27

National Infertility Awareness Week Action Round-Up Click here to leave your mark during NIAW2024
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SART Fertility Experts - Advocacy and Reproductive Access

Dr. Cristin Slater and Betsy Campbell from RESOLVE  discuss: barriers to infertility care; opportunities to get infertility care; and recent trends. Listen to the Episode
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A Message from the Office of Public Affairs

ASRM is already pushing for legislation in Congress and the states to protect IVF. It requires resources to analyze and advocate for or against these bills. Help ASRM Protect IVF
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SART Fertility Experts - Infertility Advocacy and Government Affairs

In today's episode, Dr. Mark Trolice interviews Sean Tipton about the fact that many infertility patients do not have insurance coverage for treatment. Listen to the Episode
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Take Action Now!

Like you, ASRM is extremely concerned over the decision from the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade and its impact. Learn How Your Can Help
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Advocacy Toolkit

The importance of your involvement in the lobbying process, especially at the local level, has never been greater.
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It takes more than one

Why IVF patients often need multiple embryos to have a baby View the advocacy resource
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What support for IVF looks like

Bipartisan support for IVF, that is responsible for the birth of over 2% of all babies born in the USA each year, will ensure that families continue to grow. View the advocacy resource
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Oversight of IVF in the US

In the US, medical care is regulated by a complex and comprehensive network of federal and state regulations and professional oversight. View the advocacy resource
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State and Territory Infertility Insurance Laws

View insurance information by US State and Territory View Insurance Laws by U.S. State
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Reproductive Rights and You

The U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (597 U.S. __, 2022), overturned the nearly 50-year precedent set by Roe v. Wade (410 U.S. 113, 1973), which had recognized a constitutional right to abortion. The Dobbs decision has sparked a litany of changes in state laws across the nation, and more are expected. Protect Your Rights