Chinese Fact Sheets & Info Booklets

只要不改变文本, 注明版权必须归于美国生殖医学学会, 这些小册子可以打印并分发给病人,加强病人教育。

These booklets may be printed and distributed to patients to enhance patient education as long as the text is not altered and proper credit must be attributed to ASRM.

Some Patient Education Fact Sheets are available in English and en Español.


Abnormal uterine bleeding 子宫异常出血
Acupuncture and infertility treatment 针灸与不孕不育的治疗
Age and fertility 年龄和生育能力
Am I ovulating? 我在排卵吗?
Are vaccinations a good idea if I'm trying to get pregnant? 如果我想要怀: 接种疫苗是个好主意吗?
Assisted hatching 辅助孵化
Assisted reproductive technology 辅助生殖技术辅助生殖技术
Bioidentical hormone therapy 生物同质性激素疗法
Conditions treated with adnexal surgery 附件手术治疗的病症
Cross_border reproductive care 跨境生殖保健服务
D and C 刮宫术
Defining infertility 不孕不育症的定义
Diagnostic testing for female infertility 女性不孕症的诊断
Ectopic pregnancy 宫外孕
Ectopic pregnancy 异位妊娠
Endometrial ablation 子宫内膜切除(去除)术
Endometriosis 子宫内膜异位
Endometriosis: does it cause infertility? 子宫内膜异位症: 它会导致不孕吗?
Evaluation of the uterus 子宫评估
Fertility rights and responsibilities 生育的权利和责任
Fibroids and infertility 子宫肌瘤 (子宫纤维瘤) 与生育力
Hirsutism and PCOS 多毛症与多囊卵巢综合征
Hormonal contraception-c 激素(荷尔蒙)避孕
Infertility : an overview 不孕不育:概览
Infertility counseling and support 不孕症咨询与援助: 什么时候及在哪里寻求帮助
Insulin sensitizing agents and PCOS 胰岛素增敏剂和多囊卵巢综合征
IVF: What are the risks? 体外受精:风险有哪些?
Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy 腹腔镜和宫腔镜检查
Medications for inducing ovulation 排卵诱导药物
Multiple pregnancy and birth: twins, triplets, and high-order multiples 多胎妊娠与分娩:双胞胎,三胞胎和高序多胎
Optimizing male fertility 优化男性生育能力
Ovarian drilling for infertility 卵巢打孔术用以治疗不孕症
Smoking and infertility 吸烟和不孕不育
Third-party reproduction 第三方生殖
What is ICSI 什么是卵胞浆内单精子注射

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