Update on the Right to Build Families Act

On December 20th, Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) asked unanimous consent for the Senate to consider and pass the Right to Build Families Act (S.5276). Unanimous consent is a procedure that allows bills to pass without a roll call vote, if no Senator objects, and is often utilized to quickly pass non-controversial bills. Senator Hyde-Smith (R-MS) objected, preventing the bill from passing. In response, Senator Duckworth gave a passionate and powerful speech, including her own expereince on her IVF journey, about the importance of access to family building. ASRM is thankful to have such a strong and thoughtful voice in the Senate dedicated to fighting for access to ART. As Senator Duckworth said yesterday, “Infertility doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t distinguish. It doesn’t see party lines or state lines.”

You can read the Right to Build Families Act in full here or view our one-page overview here.

Act now! Contact your representative and ask them to support this very important bill and protect the future of IVF and ART.

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