ASRM Joins Amicus Brief to Oppose Texas Restrictions on Abortion

On April 3rd, ASRM joined a coalition of several national medical groups, led by ACOG, on an amicus brief to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit opposing an order from Texas Governor Greg Abbott demanding that abortion procedures be delayed or cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Attorney General’s decision, currently being considered on an emergency basis by the Supreme Court, would impose criminal and other penalties on medical professionals for providing such care.  

As the brief explains, there is no evidence that delaying abortion during the pandemic would mitigate personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages or promote public health and safety. Indeed, forcing women to carry pregnancies to term or to resort to illegal abortion is likely to increase use of PPE. 

The brief provides: “The Governor’s decision to effectively ban abortion in Texas and to criminalize physicians and medical professionals for providing necessary abortion care during the COVID-19 pandemic lacks a valid medical justification. If allowed to remain in effect, the Governor’s order will render abortion inaccessible in the state and severely harm women.”

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