ASRM Opposes Supreme Court Decision on Contraception

Statement attributable to Catherine Racowsky, PhD, President of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine

As the voice of America’s reproductive medical professionals, we are disheartened by today’s decision from the Supreme Court, which allows a woman’s employer to single out contraception as a healthcare benefit they do not offer. The original terms of the Affordable Care Act allowed for reasonable accommodation of religious views. However, the Trump administration, and now the Supreme Court, have chosen to allow any employer for any reason to claim a religious exemption to contraceptive coverage.

The Society firmly believes that contraception should be considered a preventive, essential health benefit. Contraception is something every woman should have a right to use. Decisions on reproductive health need to be made by individuals in consultation with their physician. They should not come under the purview of employers, politicians or even Supreme Court Justices.

ASRM will, as always, strive to ensure patients who need reproductive medical services can access them.

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