ASRM Announces Taskforce on the Interests of Donor Conceived People

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) is thrilled to announce the initiation of an ASRM Taskforce on the Interests of Donor Conceived People (DCP) and their Families, with the aim of reviewing existing knowledge regarding the needs and interests of DCPs and their families to help clarify and articulate ASRM’s approach and priorities in this arena.

Major arenas include:
  • Provider education regarding the needs of families from gamete donation both within and outside of ASRM
  • Education and outreach materials for families created with gamete donation
  • Legislation related to donor conception and DCPs
The taskforce will involve consultation and meetings from a diverse group of stakeholder groups and individuals including REI, mental health, DCP community representatives, legal, nursing, and genetics to hold quarterly working group meetings; and will produce guidance documentation and recommendations for the ASRM leadership in the three arenas listed above.

More information on the taskforce will be available in the coming weeks. For immediate questions, please contact Jessie Losch at

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