Thank you for your support of ASRM's Giving Day, held Tuesday, October 25th!

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Thank you for your support of ASRM's Giving Day, held Tuesday, October 25th!

We raised $30,000, which directly supports the ASRM Research Institute to fund grants for research that supports access to care.

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Researcher Spotlight:
Dr. Winifred Mak

Grant Project Title: Establishment and characterization of miscarriage-specific human trophoblast stem cells

"This ASRM Research Institute grant has been instrumental in providing me with the essential funds to carry out the necessary pilot experiments required to establish the feasibility of this high-risk, high-reward research project. Furthermore, the data generated from this grant has provided the crucial scientific support and feasibility data required to submit...

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Researcher Spotlight:
Dr. Gary Smith

Grant Project Title: Human Embryo Mosaicism: Towards Understanding Longitudinal and Developmental Genetic Concordance Between Embryonic Trophectoderm, Inner Cell Mass, and Stem Cells.

"These studies represent first-in-field approaches to systematically and longitudinally identify developmental and genetic events in human embryos that must be understood to allow confidence in preimplantation genetic testing-aneuploidy (PGT-A) use and interpretations... .

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2022 KY Cha Award Winner:
Dr. Rachel West

Grant Project Title: Using a 3D human trophoblast stem cell model to investigate the sexual dimorphism of the placental innate immune response

Dr. Rachel West of Auburn University was presented the 2022 KY Cha Award in Stem Cell Technology at the ASRM Annual Meeting by Jean Kyung-Ah Lee, Executive Director of the Headquarters of CHA Reproductive Medicine Division and Professor of the Department of Biomedical Science, College of Life Sciences, CHA University, Korea..

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New Advisory Committee Member
Sarah K. England, PhD

We are excited to welcome Sarah K. England, PhD, as the newest member of the Research Institute Advisory Committee. Dr. England is the Alan A. and Edith L. Wolff Professor of Medicine and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Washington University. Dr. England’s laboratory has three main lines of investigation:
  • to determine how ion channels in the myometrium modulate uterine excitability and contractility during pregnancy;
  • to investigate the role and regulation of the oxytcin receptor in controlling uterine excitability;
  • and to study how disruptions in endogenous circadian rhythms affect pregnancy outcomes.
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Corporate Partner Highlight:
EMD Serono

EMD Serono has joined forces with the ASRM Research Institute to provide two outstanding grant opportunities to professionals in reproductive medicine – the Diversity Fellowship Research Award and the Nursing Professionals Research Award.

Both grants are currently open, with a proposal submission deadline of January 16th, 2023. Read further to find out more about EMD Serono and their partnership with the ASRM Research Institute.

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Upcoming Deadlines

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