Fertility and Sterility On Air– Journal Club Global: Prognosis in unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss

This Journal Club Global discusses a provocative article recently published in Fertility and Sterility Reviews. The study's objective was to identify models predicting live birth or ongoing pregnancy in couples with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), and to evaluate the risk of bias, performance, generalizability, and applicability of these models.

The study is presented by Dr. Henriette Svarre Nielsen (University of Copenhagen). Additional discussants include experts in new ART developments, including the lead author of the article, Dr. Angelos Youssef (Leiden University Medical Center). The event is moderated by Dr. Paul Pirtea (Foch Medical Center – UVSQ), along with F&S Editorial Editors Drs. Dominique De Ziegler and Eve Feinberg.

Link to article:

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