touchENDOCRINOLOGY ‘European Endocrinology’ Vol 14 Issue 1

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Welcome to the Spring 2018 edition of European Endocrinology opened by our Editor-in-Chief Abd Tahrani, with the exciting news that the journal is now indexed on PubMed Central. Thank you to our Editorial Board for their continued support over the past few years.

This edition includes a selection of editorials, reviews, research and case reports on a variety of topics currently being discussed in the areas of diabetes and thyroid disorders. Editorial Board member Sanjay Kalra and colleagues provide insights into mindfulness meditation in diabetes and Peter Adolfsson and colleagues discuss how to select an appropriate blood glucose monitoring system, whilst Baptist Gallwitz reviews the real-world data on the cardiovascular benefits associated with sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors.

In the original research section Jean-Claude Mbanya and colleagues look at the effect of body lotions on capillary blood glucose measurements and Jubbin Jagan Jacob and colleagues compare insulin pen devices and disposable plastic syringes.

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