ASRM Announces 2020-2025 Strategic Plan Goals and Strategies

ASRM is pleased to announce its 2020-2025 Strategic Plan Goals and Strategies. The document presents goals and strategies for five key areas of the organization.

Membership Recruitment and Engagement

1. Goal - Every individual with interest in the field of reproductive health, science, and policy, both domestic and international, will find sufficient value and be an engaged member of ASRM.


2. Goal - ASRM will be recognized as the premier and trusted source for evidence-based unbiased information for patients regarding reproductive health and family building.


3. Goal - ASRM will effectively use the expertise and power of its members to leverage science, educate the public, and advocate for national and international policies that advance the science and clinical practice, and expand access and reduce barriers to reproductive care by addressing social, cultural, demographic, and economic barriers.


4. Goal - ASRM and its Research Institute will invest in the promotion, support, and mentorship of a diverse group of researchers focused on public health, clinical, translational, and basic reproductive sciences.

Organizational Sustainability

5. Goal - ASRM will have the leadership, infrastructure, resources, and expertise to lead the field of reproductive science and medicine by supporting the changing needs of its members and their patients.

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