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Fertility and Sterility On Air - TOC: April 2023

Take a sneak peek at this month's Fertility and Sterility! Topics this month include in vitro egg maturation (2:29), malpractice litigation in IVF (4:35), outcomes following surgical sperm extraction (13:39), progesterone supplementation in natural cycle frozen embryo transfer (22:26), breastfeeding and adenomyosis risk (36:41), neighborhood disadvantage and ovarian reserve (44:38), developmental competence of eggs after delayed maturation in vitro (52:49), and a letter to the editor about ovarian follicle size and IVF outcomes (58:34).

Fertility and Sterility On Air - Unplugged: March 2023

In this month's Fertility & Sterility: Unplugged, we take a look at articles from each of F&S's sister journals! Topics this month include: viability of post-mortem testicular sperm extraction (1:04), the impact of sleep deprivation on sperm quality in mice (8:57), and a review of adenomyosis and endometrial receptivity (17:05).
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