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Fertility and Sterility On Air - Unplugged: January 2023

In this month's Fertility & Sterility: Unplugged, we take a look at articles from each of F&S's sister journals! Topics this month include: cytokine profiles associated with miscarriage (1:18), a review of blood and urine biomarkers for endometriosis (10:42), and embryonic aneuploidy rates in patients with recurrent pregnancy loss (23:38).

Fertility and Sterility On Air - TOC: January 2023

Take a sneak peak at this month's Fertility & Sterility! Topics this month include the impact of genetics lab on euploid and live birth rates (01:58), pregnancy & neonatal outcomes after long-term vitrification (09:44), risk of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in donated-embryos pregnancies (18:08), diagnosing ectopic pregnancy using Bayes theorem (25:42), markers of ovarian reserve as predictors of future fertility (34:36) and letrozole-induced ovulation in women with PCOS and letrozole resistance (40:46).
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