Q: Will postponing my care affect my ability to have a child?

A: It is extremely difficult to consider postponing your treatment. Most people have gone through tremendous loss and grief by the time they get to the place where they are doing an IVF cycle.  In addition, navigating the cost and insurance coverage aspects is daunting.  Now that you are at this point in your family building, you are dealt a huge unknown with the COVID-19 pandemic, and how you should proceed, or start, this medical treatment. It should be some helpful to hear that there is no evidence that delaying treatment until vaccinated will affect your ability to have a child, even if you have concerns about advanced age and / or diminished ovarian reserve (low egg supply). 

A recent 2020 paper in the peer reviewed article in Human Reproduction concluded, “A delay in IVF treatment up to 180 days does not affect the live birth rate for women with diminished ovarian reserve when compared to women who initiate IVF treatment within 90 days of presentation” to the clinic.
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