Q: Can my clinic prevent me from getting infected by screening patients and staff?

A: ASRM/SART has developed guidelines to minimize risk of viral transmission while pursuing fertility care.  The most recent guidance can be found here and is updated periodically.  

As anyone who has been through fertility treatment or has prepared to begin fertility treatment knows, multiple clinic visits and procedures are required. Unfortunately, even if a clinic screens patients and staff to lower the risk of COVID-19 exposure in the fertility clinic, there is no way to guarantee prevention of exposure. COVID-19 is spreading rapidly throughout the United States. People who have the COVID-19 are contagious days before they develop any symptoms. The virus can be in the air that they breathe out and the air you breathe in.  This risk is reduced by wearing masks and by increasing physical distance between people. 

However, these precautions are not foolproof and do not guarantee your safety.  We wish we could screen in a way that could eliminate risk, but we honestly cannot.
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