Q4. How can I find a mental health professional experienced in working with infertility?

Make sure you choose a mental health professional who is familiar with the emotional experience of infertility. It is recommended that they have: 

  • a graduate degree in a mental health profession
  • a license to practice and/or state registration
  • clinical training in the psychological aspects of infertility
  • experience in the medical and psychological aspects of reproductive medicine

Interview more than one person. Ask them for their credentials as well as their experience with infertility issues and treatments. Ask if they are currently seeing other people with infertility.

For a referral to a competent mental health professional, you can click the "Find a Healthcare Professional" button on the top right of this page. Also read over the Qualification Guidelines for Infertility Counselors (PDF) for more information on infertility counselors. 

You could also ask your reproductive endocrinologist for names of people that he/she would recommend or contact a national support group such as RESOLVE.
is a patient education website of ASRM.



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